Silver Age

Silver Age – the name given to the specific Russian modernism and Russian culture during the late 19th and early 20th century in general. Modernism characterized by the “polyphony” of art movements. Silver Аge, in addition to this, can also be defined as the time of paradoxical alloys.

Nineteenth-century Europe was a time of constructing national histories. On the territory of the Russian Empire, the process was a tad late and fell mainly on the late 19th and early 20th century. The widespread sense of disunity, a search for their national identity based on the study of history, set the essential vector for the art of the Silver Age. Thus, historical and genre painting strengthened their positions. This may explain one of the main paradoxes of fine arts of the period: realism in it had no less part than symbolism, acmeism, avant-garde, etc. Because it was the realism that relied on historical painting. Russian modernism did not deny realism, but rather reformatted it into “symbolic realism” and placed it in the ranks of its currents. From “documenting” the existing reality, artists switched to designing it and developing a new value system. And the desire for unity added to this combination the religious motives.

Among the most famous representatives: Ilya Repin, Mikhail Nesterov, Vladimir Makovsky, Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky, Mykola Pymonenko (or Nikolai Pimonenko), Zinaida Serebriakova and others.

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Alisov Mikhail
Sea Gulf in the Morning
69х114,7 сm, oil on canvas, beginning of the XXth century
Arkhipov Abram
62х93,5 cm, oil on canvas, 1915
Benois Alexandre
paper, ink, 1889
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai
Portrait of a Girl
68х48 cm, oil on canvas
Braz Ossip
Still life with apples
38х55 сm, oil on canvas
Brovar Yakov
25x53 cm, oil on canvas
Vasylkivskiy Serhiy
Landscape with oxen
35.5x23 cm, oil on canvas
Widhopff David
Girl with a Purple Flower
40х32 сm, oil on canvas, 1894
Hanzen Alexei
Morning Sea Landscape
45x65 сm, oil on canvas
Gorbatov Konstantin
Hot day in Anacapri
89,5x109 cm, oil on canvas, 1926
Gorbatov Konstantin
Monastery on the Pskov River
35x54 cm, oil on cardboard, 1914
Dunin-Markevich Kazimir
oil on canvas
Eisman Semenovsky Emile
Oriental beauty
23x31 cm, oil on canvas
Zaitsev Mikhail
Mordvinian near the threshold
140х68 сm, oil on canvas, 1909
Zommer Rikhard
Crossing a river on an ox
40х66 сm, oil on canvas, 1922
Isupov Aleksei
A boy with a kitten
143х88 сm, oil on canvas
Klodt Petro
Two paired bronze figures
H-55 cm, bronze
Kolesnikov Stepan
Still Life
60х40 сm, oil on canvas, 1909
Kolesnikov Stepan
Apple Feast of the Saviour
38х52 сm, oil on canvas
Korovin Konstantin
House in Gurzuf, interior with a candle
105х3,5х82 cm, canvas, oil
Korovin Konstantin
The village dancers
28,3х41 сm, tempera, watercolor and gouache on cardboard, 1934
Korovin Konstantin
Gurzuf Landscape
65х54 сm, oil on canvas
Korovin Konstantin
Paris at night
22х17 сm, oil on canvas, 1934
Makovsky Volodymyr
75х51 сm, oil on canvas, 1907
Makovsky Volodymyr
Portrait of a man
20х21 сm, oil on card, 1881
Makovsky Volodymyr
The violinist
64х48 сm, oil on canvas, 1916
Makushenko Ivan
The Daughter
142,8х118,2 сm, oil on canvas
Malyavin Filipp
Peasant Woman, Covering Her Mouth With A Shawl
153х104 сm, oil on canvas
Nesterov Mykhail
Two Nuns
19,5х12 cm, oil on canvas, 1900
Nilus Petr
37x63 cm, oil on cardboard
Nilus Petr
The portrait of unknown woman
44х37 сm, oil on board
Pasternak Leonid
Simonov Monastery
55x45 cm, oil on board, 1914
Pimonenko Nikolai
Portrait of Brodsky
15,5x21,5 cm, canvas, oil
Pimonenko Nikolai
At the well
78x58 cm, oil on canvas
Pyrin Mikhailo
Female portrait
61x67 cm, oil on canvas
Repin Ilya
Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, Vera Repin
101,6x82,5 cm, oil on canvas, 1878
Samokish Nikolay
50x80 cm, oil on canvas
Svetoslavsky Sergei
View from the Kreml on Zamoskvorechye
56x90 cm, oil on canvas, 1881
Svetoslavsky Sergei
Landscape with a mill
86x69 cm, oil on canvas
Serebriakova Zinaida
Portrait of Mrs. Beilitz
61x45,7 cm, pastel, paper, cardboard, 1941
Serebriakova Zinaida
Basket with apples
60x73,5 cm, oil on canvas
Serebriakova Zinaida
Reclining nude
paper, pastel, 1930
Sychkov Fedot
Girl in the window
39,5x35 cm, oil on canvas, 1910
Sychkov Fedot
Portrait of a girl in a blue shawl
43x31 cm, oil on canvas, 1925
Sorin Savely
Female portrait
134x75,5 cm, oil on canvas, 1900-1910
Paolo Troubetzkoy
Horse tamer
H-36 cm, bronze
Turzhansky Leonid
Rural landscape
57,2x118,1 cm, oil on canvas, 1917
Fedorovich Vladimir
On a steep bank
70x89 cm, oil on canvas, 1924
Schultze Ivan
Winter sunset
54x64,8 cm, oil on canvas, 1919
Yakovlev Alexander
100,5x247,5 cm, canvas, tempera, 1933
Yakovlev Alexander
Ladies at the fountain
44x61 cm, gouache, ink, pen on paper, 1930
Yakovlev Alexander
In the Kyrgyz yurt
103,5x199,5 cm, oil on canvas, 1932