Dunin-Markevich Kazimir

Untitled oil on canvas

Kazimierz (Kazimierz) Dunin-Markiewicz (Kazimierz Dunin-Markiewicz), (1874 – 1932)

Also known as Count Markievicz.

Polish playwright, director and artist, husband of the Irish suffragist Constance Markevich.

Hailing from a wealthy Polish family, whose possessions were in the territory of modern Ukraine. He attended the State Gymnasium in Kherson and studied law at Kiev University. In 1895 he moved to École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In Paris, Markevich was known as the “Count Markevich.”

Markevich was part of the literary circle, in the center of which were V. B. Yates and the Abbey Theater. In 1910, he created his own theater company – an independent drama company, in which he directed plays written by himself, the main roles were played by his wife Constance. In 1913, Margievich moved to modern Ukraine.

At the end of his life, Markevich lived in Warsaw. He was a correspondent for English magazines such as the Londoner Daily News. He wrote the script for the 1920 Polish film, Powrót, directed by Alexander Hertz.

Among his paintings dominated portraits, landscapes and genre painting. Most of his art collection takes place in Dublin, some of them remain in Poland (National Museum, Krakow and in private collections).

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