Modernism (the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century) grew out of opposition to the conservative movements and declared a complete break from existing picturesque traditions. And experimentation – one of the main features of the phenomenon – gave rise to many artistic directions, some of which were in opposition to one another.

The unifying principle of modernism was a thirst for knowledge of truth and reality. A reality that defies rational explanation and can only be based on subjective perception. On this conviction, the almost universal rejection of object painting was based – the desire to look not at the “illusory” materiality but through matter at the very essence of life.

The modernist art was focused enough on itself – on the construction of its laws and the creation of a new artistic language. However, it is here that the field of social protest, in particular, protest against colonial politics and other inequalities is revealed. Familiarity with the “primitive” forms of art gave impetus to the work of creating a “universal artistic unit” that would be understood by everyone.

The directions of modernism include abstract art, cubism, futurism, avant-garde, constructivism, fauvism, dadaism, surrealism and more.

Among the most prominent representatives: Wassily Kandinsky, Alexander Archipenko (or Olexandr Arkhypenko), Marc Chagall, Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, Aleksandra Ekster, Alexander Bogomazov, Pablo Picasso, whose works are in the collection of Adamovskiy Foundation.

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Anisfeld Boris
Summer landscape
82x64 cm, oil on board
Arсhipenko Olexander
Torso rotation
H-71cm, bronze, casting, 1921
Arсhipenko Olexander
Blue dancer
79 cm, bronze, blue patina, 1914
Arсhipenko Olexander
Torso in space
69x20 cm, white carrara marble with stains, patina yellow brown, 1933
Baranov-Rossine Vladimir
Landscape with scarlet and cactus, Corsica
50x73,5 cm, oil on canvas
Bekhteev Vladimir
93x153,5 cm, oil on canvas
Bogomazov Alexander
Abstract composition No. 5
42,6x38,1 cm, oil on canvas, 1914-1915
Burliuk David
Winter still life
92x122 cm, oil on canvas, 1947
Burliuk David
46x56 cm, oil on canvas
Vasylyeva Maria
30x22 cm, rodoide, plastic; mixed media collage, 1936
Volkov Alexander
56,6x66,2 cm, oil on canvas, 1916
Gavris Ivan
Composition with treble clef
79,7x39,3 cm, oil, board, 1921
Glushchenko Nicholas
Trees by the lake
67,5x100,5 cm, canvas, oil, xx century
Glushchenko Nicholas
Still life with violets
69,5x49 cm, oil on cardboard, 1970
Glushchenko Nicholas
90x120 cm, oil on canvas, 1971
Goncharova Natalia
Still life with a blue vase
55,3x39 cm, oil on canvas, 1943
Goncharova Natalia
Still life with red flowers and peach
90x71,5 cm, oil on canvas, duplicated on a board
Grigoryev Boris
80x64 cm, oil on canvas, 1922
Grishchenko Alexei
Still life with fruit
51x55 cm, oil on board, 1930
Ekster Alexandra
Color rhythms
65,6x50,4 cm, pencil, gouache on paper, 1916-1917
Ekster Alexandra
Still life with a jug
60x43 cm, tempera on paper, 1924
Ermilov Vasily
The sketch of the painting “Soviet Ukraine”
26,5x26 cm, pencil on paper, 1920
Ermilov Vasily
Mural sketch “10 years of the Red Army”
23,5x32 cm, pencil on paper, 1920
Indenbaum Léon
31х22х13 cm, stone
Kandinsky Wassily
Suns Titre
47x36,8 cm, paper, cardboard, watercolor, ink pen, pencil, 1941
Kandinsky Wassily
Circle and Spot
77x67 cm, oil on canvas, 1929
Karetnikova Sofia
Suprematist composition
63x40 cm, oil on cardboard, 1923
Mane Katz
Young man with an umbrella
61x51 cm, oil on canvas
Kisling Moïse
55x46 cm, oil on canvas, 1949
Klyun Ivan
Regarding Composition problem
36x24 cm, paper, cardboard, tempera, gouache
Kozintsova Lyubov
Self-portrait in a red dress
73x50 cm, canvas, oil, 20-30s
Konchalovskiy Pyotr
135x76 cm, oil, canvas, 1939
Konchalovskiy Pyotr
Bouquet. Roses
72x67 cm, oil on canvas, 1936
Konchalovskiy Pyotr
Peonies and fir branches
71,2x87 cm, oil on canvas, 1943
Kosarev Boris
Suprematist composition
29x22 cm, oil on cardboard, 1919
Larionov Mikhail
Still life with a jug and an icon
98,5x131,5 cm, canvas, oil, 1910-1912
Larionov Mikhail
Radiant Still Life
61x49 cm, oil on cardboard, 1952
Lebedev-Shuskiy Anatoliy
Still life with a bottle
73x64 cm, oil on canvas, 1920
Lentulov Aristarkh
39,7x30,7 cm, watercolor on paper, 1916
Manievich Abraham
City street
47x67 cm, oil on cardboard
Still life with geraniums
65x49,5 cm, oil on canvas, 1917
Mashkov Ilya
Still life with wildfowl
69x97 cm, oil on canvas
Medunetski Konstantin
Composition with a rainbow and three figures
31,6x59,2 cm, oil on cardboard, 1921
Menkov Mikhail
21,5x23,5 cm, oil on canvas, 1921
Osmerkin Alexander
Portrait of a young woman
75x68 cm, oil, cardboard
Picasso Pablo
Tête d’homme 3
35x27 cm, oil on canvas, 1964
Redko Kliment
Suprematism. To the construction of light sound
oil on cardboard, 1923
Roerich Nikolai
The one who stores
45,2x75,8 cm, board, tempera, 1918
Roerich Nikolai
Lake Ladoga, Karelia
28,8х38 cm, tempera, pastel, paper on a board, 1918
Rylo Antonina
Still life with chrysanthemums
100x149 cm, oil on canvas
Reuven Rubin
paper, ink
Saryan Martiros
Mountain landscape with camels
61x80 cm, oil on canvas, 1926
Sinyakova Maria
86x73 cm, canvas, oil
Tarkhov Nikolai
Still life with cats and flowers
55,5x55,5 cm, oil on canvas
Tereshkovich Konstantin
Poster of the exhibition of K. Tereshkovich in the Bernier Gallery
56x45,5 cm, watercolor on paper, mid XX century
Falk Robert
Landscape with a meadow and houses (Landscape. Palanga)
59x72 cm, canvas, oil, 1953
Zadkine Ossip
Bust of a young girl with folded arms
H-48 cm, polished bronze, 1914-1917
Chashnik Ilya
26,6x20,5 cm, watercolor, gouache, pencil, paper, 1902-1929
Marc Chagall
A sky full of people
35x27 cm, oil on canvas, ink, 1968
Marc Chagall
Birds and fish on a blue background
74x53 cm, lithograph
Marc Chagall
65x81 cm, lithograph
Shapiro Yakov
Self portrait
55x47 cm, oil on canvas, 1946
Shterenberg David
Still life with a coffee pot
53x61 cm, oil on canvas, 1918
Shukhaev Vasily
Finnish village. Roofs
81,3x64,7 cm, oil on canvas
Jawlensky Alexei
38,8x28,6 cm, oil on canvas, cardboard, 1918-1919