M17 Sculpture Prize 2022: Deadline extended

The second edition of the M17 Sculpture Prize in the field of three-dimensional art from M17 CAC and Adamovskiy Foundation

Topic — Posthumanism: Human in Changing Context

Short list announcement — end of February 2022

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«The creation of your own institution in the form of a foundation or private museum which, on the one hand, allows you to preserve the integrity of the collection, and on the other hand, makes it accessible to researchers and the public.

I am glad that collecting becomes more open today because I strive not only to collect and preserve art but also to create an artistic environment and to assist the cultural education of the younger generation.».

Andrii Adamovskiy


The Adamovskiy Foundation is founded in 2018 by businessman Andrii Adamovskiy. The fund’s activities are non-commercial and aimed at preserving and studying the cultural heritage of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote culture and the arts, which is essential for sustainable development of civilized society.

The Adamovskiy Foundation is actively involved in organizing and supporting exhibition projects, publishing initiatives, educational and discussion platforms, international forums and expert sessions.

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Sculpture Park

«There are no prominent sculpture parks in Ukraine. My dream is to build a sculpture park that could compete with such well-known complexes as Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK, Socrates Sculpture Park in the United States, and the Ekebergparken Sculpture Park in Norway, and promote this type of art in Ukraine».
Andrii Adamovskiy

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