Zaitsev Mikhail

Mordvinian near the threshold 140х68 сm, oil on canvas, 1909

Zaitsev Mikhail
(1880, Mogilevskaya region – 1940)

Mikhail Zaitsev is Russian painter, master of home genre. He was born in Mogilev province, received education in the Kiev drawing school. Since 1899, continued his studies at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where among his tutors was V. A Serov. Ambitious thoughts of the artist were supported by some experience and skill, so he actively participated in exhibitions. Among the exposed works dominated portraits: “For knitting lace” (1901), “The Boy” (1903), “In Black “(1904), “The Marble Sawyer” (1905),”Sisters” (1906). After graduating from college in 1907, many of the M. Zaytsev’s works received approval of his contemporaries. In the years preceding the World War I, M. M. Zaitcev participates in international exhibitions: in 1909 and 1913-in Munich, in 1914-in Venice. Pictures of the artists (“Portrait of the artist S.I. Feoktistova”, “The Surf”, “Morning in the Crimea”, “The boy in the woods”, “The Young mistress”, “Girls during tea-time”, “Portrait of the Actress O.V. Gzovskaya”, “The Self-portrait”, “Sad thoughts”, “Sworn Attorney I.A Freshkon”, “Orphaned”, “Crimea”, “Simeiz”) were demonstrated at the Association of removable exhibitions and at the Moscow Society of Art enthusiasts, member of which he was.

After the closure of the partnership in 1928 year the artist has become one of the founding members of the Association of Artists-realist in Moscow. Association existed until 1932, in time held two exhibitions where were used works of the founders and M. Vasnetsov, A. Isupov, V. Belynitsky-Birulya, M. Pyrin, L. Turzhansky, etc. In the exhibition was dominated home and landscape painting genre.

In the years of Soviet power, M. M. Zaitcev continued his work, joined the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (1922- 1927) and the Association of Artists of the Revolution (1927- 1930).

The main theme of his works becomes home, portraits and landscapes painting genre. One of the last were painted “the Self-portrait” and “The Moscow yard in spring” – both date back to 1939 year.

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