Seregin Porfiriy

Landscape 80x140 cm, oil on canvas, 1893
About work

(Українська) У роботі “Пейзаж”, автор зобразив природу середньої смуги Росії. Пейзаж написаний в контражурі. Незважаючи на те, що художнику на момент створення цього твору було всього 25 років, він майстерно передав мінливий стан природи, перехід від заходу в сутінки. Прагнучи передати великий вміст в простому сюжеті, побудувати його переважно на виразності самої природи і її стану, П. Серьогін звертається до образу озера, де природа виступає широко і вільно.

Даний пейзаж П. Серьогіна чудовий тим, що при надзвичайно майстерному листі і майстерній техніці, він на дивно матеріальний, повітряний і правдивий. Тонко передана заворожуюча тиша прозорої гладі води, в якій відбивається бузкове вечірнє небо; спокійна, врівноважена гармонія панує в картині.

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Porfiriy Ivanovich Seregin (1868-after 1923) – Russian painter, landscape painter, genre painter, wanderer. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Member and exhibitor of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, member of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers and the Moscow Association of Artists. He was a member of the “Association (Society) of Artists named after IE Repin” in Moscow, which included famous artists L.M. Antokolsky, I.I. Brodsky, I.E. Grabar, N.I. Feshin and others. P.I. Seregin was a talented artist and master of realistic landscape painting. Being part of such a powerful association of artists, whose members further formulated the principle of “socialist realism”, taking as a basis the combination of realism and romanticism, guided by the slogan of their teacher I.E. Repin, that the artist should be a mirror reflecting the modernity and the era in which he lives, created works, masterfully combining the achievements of past times with modern trends.

In the work “Landscape”, dated 1893, the author depicted the nature of central Russia. The landscape is painted in the back. Despite the fact that the artist was only 25 years old at the time of the creation of this work, the author masterfully conveyed the changing state of nature, the transition from sunset to twilight. In an effort to convey a large content in a simple plot, to build it mainly on the expressiveness of nature itself and its state, P. Seregin turns to the image of the lake, where nature appears widely and freely.

This landscape of P. Seryogin is remarkable in that with extremely skillful writing and a workshop of technology, it is surprisingly material, airy and truthful. The fascinating silence of the transparent surface of water, in which the lilac evening sky is reflected, is subtly conveyed; calm, balanced harmony reigns in the picture. P. Seregin – a realist artist, an excellent master of chiaroscuro, who had studied the correlation of plans well, created a composition with extraordinary coherence of the main lines. The artist tried to find in the simplest and most ordinary plot intimate, deeply touching, often sad features that are so strongly felt in the native landscape and so irresistibly affect the soul. Searches for the image of the “landscape of mood”, the disclosure of the “soul of Russian nature”, we find in the work of P. Seregin. The artist’s work seems simple both in plot and in artistic order – but this is the simplicity of high art and craftsmanship. The picture naturally and clearly expresses the inner complexity of the content.

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