Sai Volodymyr

Gray-haired woman 120x120 cm, canvas, ink, feather, 2020
Date of Birth: 1977
Place of residence: Kyiv

Sai Volodymyr – sculptor, graphic artist, painter, photographer. He was born in 1977 in Kyiv.

He graduated from Kyiv Art and Industrial College, Faculty of Painting. In 2005 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Graphics.

Experiments with non-traditional materials, uses household items to achieve expressive artistic effects. The artist creates works from unusual materials: polyethylene, oil paint and more.

Vladimir Sai is consistent in the artistic study of the image of old age, the analysis of aesthetic impressions of skin texture, point of view, corporeality. The conceptual integrity contrasts especially with the variability of materials, techniques and media used by the artist: graphics, video, sculpture from plastic bags, leather, oil paint and, of course, ceramics.

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