Makushenko Ivan

The Daughter 142,8х118,2 сm, oil on canvas
About work

The painting shows the dialogue of generations in which represented images of mother and daughter are in their own life positions and these positions are not very similar. The artist has separated speaking images underlining their misunderstanding. Painted in the best traditions of painters “peredvizhniki” (union of the moving art exhibitions) the painting of I. Makushenko opens psychological characters of the heroes with their feelings and relations, with permanent problem between parents and children, which is still actual in our modern world.

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Makushenko Ivan Semenovich
(1867, Lisyanka, Cherkassy province – 1955, Kyiv)

Ivan Semenovich Makushenko (Makuha) is the painter and graphic. He is more famous as the painter-teacher of such famous painters as Osmerkin, Shore and others. In 1892 I. Makushenko enters as a free-visiting student The Empire Art Academy in St. Pitersburg. On the 25th of December, 1895 I. Makushenko receives the degree of “non-class” painter, and on the 2nd of October 1900 he receives the degree of the class painter for the painting “Sunday in Malorossia”.

In 1905 I. Makushenko begins his tutor activity in Kyiv Art School, leading the painting class. The artist continues to work there up to 1919. From 1934 he begins to teach in the class of painting in the Kyiv Art Institute.

From 1904 Ivan Semenovich Makushenko takes active part in exhibitions not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. Represented work “The Daughter” is a very bright example of the artist’s creativity. This painting was represented at the World Exhibition in St. Louise and was published in its catalogue. This picture is supposed to be bought by American family after the end of the exhibition.

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