Lebedev-Shuskiy Anatoliy

Still life with a bottle 73x64 cm, oil on canvas, 1920

Anatoliy Lebedev-Shuiskiy (1896-1978) – the famous Russian painter, master of landscape. He was born in Shui in the family of an employee. After graduating from the Shuya Men’s Classical Gymnasium and the Ivanovo School of Music, from 1916-1918. He studied in the studio P.I. Kelina. He received his special art education in 1924 at the Higher Art and Technical Workshops under P. Konchalovsky and I. Mashkov. A. Lebedev-Shuiskiy was one of the founders and founding members of the society of artists “Genesis” (1921). A member of the Society of Moscow Artists, founded in 1928, which included former members of the Moscow Painters, Makovets and Genesis associations. For 10 years, the master taught at universities in the capital and led the working studio of the Culture House of the Derbenevsky Chemical Plant, created by the artist himself Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR, lived and worked in Moscow.

The artist began to participate in exhibitions since 1918. His works were exhibited at more than 80 exhibitions, including city, republican and all-union ones. 3 solo exhibitions were held in Moscow (1950, 1957, 1966). Nine works of A.A. Lebedev-Shuisky are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery, one work in the State Russian Museum.

In his paintings, the artist sought to convey the material diversity of the world using the plastic unity of color and form, a combination of energetic modeling of volumes and black and white modeling. Among these works can be safely attributed to the collection “Canvas Still Life with a Bottle” on canvas, written in the 1920s. This picture has been repeatedly exhibited at numerous exhibitions in famous museums in Germany: Altenburg, the State Museum of Lindenau; museum in Osnabruck; Dortmund Museum Ostwald; Nuremberg, German National Museum.

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