Eisman Semenovsky Emile

Oriental beauty 23x31 cm, oil on canvas

Emil Eisman-Semenovsky (1857-1911) is an artist whose biography, unfortunately, is only fragmentary preserved in some historical documents, which is rather strange, given the fact that the painter lived not in the Middle Ages, but in not so distant XIX century.

The artist was born, presumably on the territory of modern Poland, which at that time was part of the Russian Empire and was called the Kingdom of Poland. Based on this information, some sources (American and Western European) claim that Eisman-Semenovsky is a Russian artist, but there is no confirmation of this. Judging by the double surname, he was born in a mixed Polish-Jewish family.

Information about the painter’s childhood and youth was not preserved, however, by processing data from Polish educational institutions it was found that he did not study at the universities of Warsaw or Krakow.

It is known that since the 80s of the XIX century Emil Eisman-Semenovsky lived and worked in Paris, so he is often called a French artist. It was here that he met a more famous colleague in the workshop – artist Jan van Beers (Beers), for whom he worked for several years.

Critics see in many of the works signed by Beers the unique style of Eisman-Semenovsky himself, explaining this by the fact that the first at that time had a lot of orders, which he could not cope alone, delegating the execution of certain works to his assistants.

Emil Eisman-Semenovsky in France died in 1911.

The genre in which the artist worked is a portrait. Occasionally, he had occasion to paint children’s portraits or genre sketches. By the way, Eisman-Semenovsky (like the Anglo-American artist Pati Bannister) can be attributed to the number of masters who managed to transfer children’s immediacy to the canvas, convey the features of gestures, views and childish innocence.

However, the greatest cultural value are his work with the image of female images. Flowers in the artist’s paintings also occupy not the last place, and this is not surprising – because the female image is so harmoniously complemented by delicate petals of wildflowers and luxurious buds of large roses or bright chrysanthemums.

Portrait painting of the artist:

Oriental motifs present in a number of paintings are recreated on the canvas of Eisman-Semenovsky quite accurately. At the same time, not all female faces have clear “eastern” features.
All the girls whose images are depicted in the paintings of the painter have one thing in common – large eyes, slightly covered by languid hair, bright, expressive and mysterious.
Paintings with flowers – a topic that deserves special attention. Playful bouquets, cute compositions on hats, light wreaths – all this makes the work of Emil Eisman-Semenovsky lively, light, very realistic, and at the same time so gentle and weightless. The image of flowers gives the paintings inner shine and a gentle charm.

Among the fans of his paintings were representatives of the Parisian bourgeoisie.

Many works were acquired by collectors from the United States.

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