Alisov Mikhail

Sea Gulf in the Morning 69х114,7 сm, oil on canvas, beginning of the XXth century
About work

“Sea Gulf in the Morning” depicts a calm day, which originates on the shores of the bay in soft, muted tones. There is a lot of blue in the color scheme: the sea reflects the sky. The rocky shore and the path leading along the bay are deserted. The sea has long been a popular thought and a feeling of being a synonym of freedom. The sea is associated with strength and courage, the sea cried out to a lasting confrontation, giving rise to the thirst for struggle. This sea was reflected in the work of M. Alisov. The artist studied the sea, knew all of its states, portraying it with skill and ease. This was facilitated by the creative method of improvisation, which M. Alisov mastered while working under the guidance of I. Aivazovsky.

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Alisov Mikhail Aleksandrovich
(1859, Kharkov – 1933, Yalta)

Alisov Mikhail Aleksandrovich is a famous Russian landscape and marine painter. From 1887 till 1889 M. Alisov had been studying in the Academy of Fine Arts in Petersburg. He was an apprentice of Yu. Yu. Klever. Then he moved to the Crimea where he worked in Feodosia under the supervision of I. Aivazovsky. His works were mainly dedicated to the Crimean views and those of Kharkov region: “Yalta“, “Bay of Feodosiia”, “Fog”, “Uda river nearby the Base”, and others. In 1900 the works of M. Alisov were exposed in the exhibition of painting study group in Astrakhan; in 1910 they were exposed in exhibition of Painting and Artistic Society in Yekaterinoslav. In 1914 the painter became a founder, member and exhibitor of painting study group in Yalta. It is known that he had three personal expositions during his life: in 1900, 1902, 1903. All these exhibitions were held in Kharkov within the Society of Kharkov painters.

It is known that the painter willingly exposed his marine canvases in the museums of the cities quite distant from such vast water scopes. His pictures were willingly purchased in Tula, Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities. The works of the artist are kept in the Museums of Fine Arts in Kharkov, Tula, Nizhniy Novgorod and Dnepropetrovsk, in the Picture Gallery of Sevastopol, Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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