Ryabchenko Stepan

Appearance 500 cm, metal, 2018
About work

Made of steel, the sculpture was modeled on a computer, the use of programs made it possible to obtain detailed drawings and implement the artist’s plan.

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Date of Birth: 1987
Place of residence: Odesa

Contemporary Ukrainian artist, one of the leaders in the field of digital art and the art of new media. His focus is on the interplay of new technologies and the classical fine arts tradition, the boundary between the real and the virtual world and the new nature of art.


In 2011 graduated from Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Institute of Architecture and Art.

Creative path

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Winner of the first all-Ukrainian triennial of abstract art “ART-ACT”. Nominated for PinchukArtCentre Award. Winner of the International Contemporary Sculpture Competition Kyiv Sculpture Project.

Stepan Ryabchenko came to contemporary art through architecture. In his bold and bright projects, the artist “plays” with space, transforms it, designs a new environment. Digital imaging tools are both a tool for creating a virtual world and a reflection object on the “virtualization” of surrounding reality. In various installations, sculptures and paintings, Stepan Ryabchenko creates a large-scale and ambitious story about the world of virtual reality – with his ideas, heroes and mythology.

One of 30 successful Ukrainians under 30 according to Forbes (2015).

Group exhibitions:


Alchemy of Motivation, Institute of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;


FRONTIER. New Monuments, CAC M17, Kyiv;

Alchemy of Motivation, Institute of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Contemporary Ukranian Art of 1985 – 2015 from Private Collection, Institute of Contemporary Art Problems, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Media dependency. Ukrainian version, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Judgment Day, TEDxKyiv, AKKO International, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Digital Nature. Kyiv International Economic Forum: Creating the Future in a High-Tech World, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Rapid Solution Time, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine;

The Permanent Revolution. Ukrainian Art Today, Ludwig Museum, Budapest;

I am the Mouth. Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia;

10 years. Museum of Contemporary Art, Odesa, Ukraine;


Cold Faith, Invogue Gallery, Odesa, Ukraine;

Sounds of Silence, Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Odesa, Ukraine;

Petliuk, Ryabchenko. Sai. Art TsUM, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Half-truth. Krulikarnia Palace, Warsaw;

Salon of the deprived. Navy Museum, Odesa, Ukraine;

The sounds of silence. Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Odesa, Ukraine;

Art work. ART WORK, Galeria Mieska, Wroclaw, Poland;

Art work. ART WORK, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Private Collection. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists. Institute of Contemporary Art Problems, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Show Promise. Lviv Palace of Arts, Ukraine;


Recipe for Utopia, Institute for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Carpet. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists, Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine;

Honey Plant, Invogue Gallery, Odesa, Ukraine;

Litoralis, Drukarnya Art Center, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine;

Clouded Lands, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Carpet. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists, Zenko Art Foundation, Tatariv, Ukraine;


Danubiana-Meulensteen Art Museum;

Museum of Contemporary Art of Odesa;

Lars Malmberg Collection;

Luciano Benetton Collection;

Voronov Art Foundation;

Firtash Foundation, Arts Trend Company;

Stedley Art Foundation;

Zenko Foundation;

private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA, UK, Israel, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia.

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