Amancio Gonzalez

Variations in the space of the sculpture of Archipenko 150 cm, marble, 2018
Date of Birth: 1965
Place of residence: Spain

Amancio Gonzalez was born in Villahibere (Leon) in 1965 and became a self-taught artist in the arts.

Creative path:

He worked with artist Leon Alejandro Vargas and soon became fascinated with wood carvings, giving human appearance to the large trunks of trees.

The sculptor has also worked with iron and bronze, and is currently working with stone, while continuing his task of turning the busts of prominent figures of Leon literature into bronze.

Amancio Gonzalez’s sculptures retain a strong commitment to expressive modernity and respect for classical artists whose careers have long been associated with the artist, and which harmonize the appearance and content, volume and emptiness, form and matter. His metaphysical immobility, devoid of irony and playfulness for the experienced spectator, moves under a multitude of tactile sensations that include shadows and almost primitive emptiness, and where he draws energy and tension between the invisible center of the play and the dynamic impulses. Over the last two decades, this tireless Spanish sculptor has created innovative works in public places around the world.

Personal exhibitions:


IX International Sculpture Symposium in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain;

II International Symposium on Stone Sculpture, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain;

International Symposium on Metal Sculpture, Granby, Canada;

II International Sculpture Symposium, Pahara, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands;


XXIII International Symposium on Stainless Steel Sculpture, Tultepec, Mexico;

VII International Sculpture Symposium, Penza, Russia;

VIII International Sculpture Symposium in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain;

I International Symposium on Pahara Sculpture, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain;


I International Sculpture Symposium, Iskenderun, Turkey;

XXXI Ponferrada Ceramic Fair, Embarrarte, Leon, Spain;


International Sculpture Symposium, Otočac, Croatia;

International Sculpture Workshop, Izmir;

10th International Symposium on Stone Sculpture, Hüseyin GEZER, Mersin;


9th Hussein Gezer International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Mersin;


I International Meeting of Sculptors – Arts, Science and Technology, University;

Francisco I. Madero, Tepatepec, Hidalgo, Mexico;


I International Sculpture Symposium, Lyubertsy, Moscow, Russia;

Group exhibitions:


Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium, with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation, VDNG, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Puerto del Rosario Cultural House, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands;


XXIII International Symposium on Stainless Steel Sculpture at the University;

Art Penza Gallery, Penza, Russia;

Night, Armagh Gallery, Leon, Spain;

“Dialogues and Intersections of Poetry and Plastics”, Museum of Flour Milling;

Castile and Leon (MIHACALE), Gordonchillo, Leon, Spain;


Re_visión, Leon Museum, France;


“Who Turns an Omelet?”, Mobile Exhibition, Lugo Provincial Museum;

Museum of Fine Arts. Leon and Murcia, France;


Art Madrid, Fernando Gomez Gallery, Madrid;

Passages of the Modern Body, Museum of Contemporary Art, Murcia;

“26 artists under the altar”, Church of S. Miguel. Arevalo, Avila;


“Light in the Plane and in Space”, Artis Gallery, Salamanca;

Art Madrid Tizas Gallery, Madrid.


Kai Cantabria;

Valladolid City Administration;

City Administration of Leon;

Deep Forest, Leon Museum;

“Minotaur”, Museum of Tiflologico ONCE, Madrid;

Diputación de Cáceres;

Masaveu Foundation Collection;

Cartagena Museum of Contemporary Art, Murcia;


Deconstruction IX, Autonomous University of Mexico. Toluca;

“Jota Leonesa” Hierro, Agrippación Leonesa en México DF.

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