Putrashik Oleg

Broadcast 250x90x260 cm, granite, metal, 2019
Place of residence: Uzhgorod


Graduate of the College of Arts. named after A. Erdeli and Lviv Academy of Arts, specializing in Art Metal.

Creative path

He is one of the founders of Three Ivans Workshop, a co-organizer of sculpture symposia that sculptors from all over the country come to.

During the Workshop of the City on the green zone near Linguistic Gymnasium Oleg Putrashik tried to show how the city space could be revived and the space changed with the sculptures he had successfully inscribed with it.

Now the sculptor is working on two projects at once – small, gallery type. But he wants to create a sculpture for urban space in the future as well.
Actually, Oleg Putrashik cannot explain why there is still no single piece of interesting modern sculpture in Uzhgorod. Most likely, he believes, the community has not yet grown to understand that it is needed. “Perhaps this is for the better, because the idea of ​​modern sculpture in urban space must be approached very responsibly. It is better to do so when we, as a community, understand the concept of taste, measure and relevance,” Oleg says. In order for contemporary art in sculpture to develop in Ukraine in the pace with the world, Oleg Putrashik with his like-minded people needs to actively interact with colleagues, gather, organize symposia and exhibitions, and invite sculptors from all over the world.

Group exhibitions:

II Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation, VDNG, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019;

Second Sculpture Symposium, Perechyn, Transcarpathia, Ukraine, 2018;

City Workshop, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 2018;

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