Tatarsky Vasily

Tango 150 cm, granite, 2018
Date of Birth: 1960
Place of residence: Ivano - Frankivsk

Born December 17, 1960 in Sajava, Ivano-Frankivsk region.


1989 – graduated from Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School. of V. Mukhina. Specialist teacher.

1979 – 1983 – studied at Kosiv Technical School of Folk Arts. VI Cassian, woodcarving.

1984 – 1989 – Studied at the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School named after V. Mukhin, monumental sculpture.

Creative path

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1993.

Since 2001. Member of the Union of BZ-ART.

The main works are: “Tangled Song” (1993), “Thinker” (1994), “On the Stone of My Feet” (1996), “Invisible” (1999), “Keith Behemoth” (2000).

Personal exhibitions:


Solo exhibition, Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine

Group exhibitions:


Ukrainian Modern Sculpture, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Arkhipenko International Sculpture Symposium with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation, VDNG, Kyiv, Ukraine;


CORPUSCULUM II, Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;


“View. From West to East, Sofia Sophia, Kyiv. Ukraine;


Great Sculpture Salon, Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine;


ArtByrivyi, Biryuyi Peninsula, Ukraine

NatureArt International Symposium, Gabrovetz, Bulgaria;

International Marble Sculpture Symposium, Galilee, Israel;


Arh Kuznitsa, Nikola-Linivyts, Russia;


International Granite Sculpture Symposium, Kaniv, Ukraine;

Climate Control Project, Cite internationale des Art, Paris, France;


Ivano-Frankivsk Art Museum, Ukraine;

Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine;

National Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Museums of Contemporary Fine Art, Kiev, Ukraine;

as well as in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Austria, USA, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic.

He lives and works in Kyiv.

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