Bilyk Nazar

Rain 190 cm, bronze, glass, 2011
Date of Birth: 1979
Place of residence: Kyiv

Sculptor, author of works in public space.


He studied at the Kyiv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design named after M. Boychuk in 1994-1999;

He graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA) in 1999-2005.

Postgraduate student of NAOMA creative workshops in 2008.

Creative Path

As an artist he works in the direction of modern sculpture.

He is a participant of many exhibitions and symposiums, both in Ukraine and abroad. Finalist of the FLY competition (young Ukrainian artists, 2010). The winner of the competition for the best monument to the project “Killed Sons of Ukraine” realized the monument in 2002 in co-authorship with Mykola Malyshko Karelia. In 2013 he received a grant from the President of Ukraine in the field of fine arts to create works from the series “Counterforms”. One of the finalists and participants of the Biennial of Sculpture and Land Art Smach 2019 (Italy). The works are presented at the Nordart exhibition of contemporary art in Germany. Participant in the exhibition “Double Game” in the Gardens of Etretat in Normandy, France.

Works by Nazar Bilyk can be seen:

in Kyiv on the Landscape Alley – sculpture “Rain”, 2010, bronze, glass), a copy of it was ordered for the sculpture park Turn park, Massachusetts, USA);

at the Sandarmokh Memorial (Karelia, Russia) – a monument to the Killed Sons of Ukraine (co-authored, 2004, granite);

Personal exhibitions:


Imaginary Distances, Artsvit Gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine;


Imaginary distances, Art Jump Gallery, Poltava, Ukraine;

Imaginary Distances, National Museum Kyiv Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Capacities, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Counterforms, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Space, Black Square Gallery, Miami, USA;


Boundaries of Space, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Group exhibitions:


Century of Ukrainian abstraction. Categories of expressiveness, National Museum of T.G. Shevchenko, Kyiv;

Convergence Horizon, Jinij Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China;


“Illusion of Matter” M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv Art Week, Toronto Center, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Sculpture Talks, Artist Gallery, Kyiv;

SMACH, Land Art Biennale, San Martin de Tor, Italy;

NordArt, Büdelsdorf, Germany;

Double play, Les Jardins d’Etretat, France;

Sculpture project “Reforming space”, CSM M17, Kyiv;


Revolutionizing, Art Arsenal, Kyiv;

Conditional method, Artist Gallery, Kyiv;

Aurum seats, Zenko gallery, Tatars;


Open air, gallery, Anieres, Geneva;

Spaces, La Cave Gallery, Geneva;

Show promise, Lviv Palace of Arts.

Lives and works in Kyiv.

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