Shaulis Sergii

The Man Without a Rod 85x27x22 cm, bronze, 2016
Date of Birth: 1985
Place of residence: Kharkiv


Studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Physics. Graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, the Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in Stamp and Monumental Sculpture.

Creative path

The history of the workshop begins after graduation in 1987. So, after teaming up with Vasyl Semeniuk, they started to work together. Together, they worked out sketches, molded, molded, debugged casting technology which was unknown at the time. This teat created: a monument to Yaroslav the Wise (Kharkiv), T.G. Shevchenko (Dergachi), Themis sculpture at the National Academy of Law and many other works, including memorial plaques and interior sculptures. In 2003, Olescandr Schaulis passed away. Now the family business in the workshop continues with Sergei Shaulis and Maxim Demchenko in charge. The workshop creates various projects for large works, monuments, park sculptures. The main materials are metal (brass, bronze, copper), stone (granite, marble), wood, plaster.

Currently, he is a graduate student of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts and is engaged in creative activities in his father’s workshop.

Since 2008, he has been involved in the creation of a number of monuments, plaques, memorials and various architectural elements in different cities of Ukraine.

Group exhibitions:


Objects Contemporary Art Prize 2019, Chocolate House, Kiev, Ukraine;


“More Than Sculpture”, Art Ukraine gallery, Kiev;

Nature vs architecture. American House, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Social meditation. Perfume Bureau, Kyiv, Ukraine;

The new old one. Private space Bereznytskyi, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Museum of dematerialized small porcelain figurines. B.P.S. Kiev. Ukraine;

Summer Show, Voloshin Gallery Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine;

American Art Incubator, Isolation, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Open Museum, Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia;


Be Positive, American House, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Code Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark;

Art / Work, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Save Us, Kyiv Art Week, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Burn, Babylon, GogolFEST Special Project, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Social Meditation, Kyiv Art Week, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Believe it, if you can’t, Copenhagen Gallery SABSAY;


The dignity revolution. Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington Project, USA;


Revealing freedom ART-KYIV Modern IX, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv;

Multimedia Project OVERVIEW, ART-KYIV Modern IX, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv;


Industrial Eden. Institute of Contemporary Art of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv;

Depressurization of the Universe Museum, Lugansk Museum of Local History, Lugansk, Ukraine;


Rhythm Section, Institute for Contemporary Art Research, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv;

New Picture of Kiev, Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;

The works are in private collections. He is a participant of many city and nationwide exhibitions.

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