Zolotariov Oleksii

Ear 350 cm, court, 2019
About work

(Українська) “Чути серцем, руками, інтуїцією. Вслухатися у світ люди вчилися з самого початку. Слухати, розуміти, реагувати, знати. Сьогодні у світі нескінченної інформації, яку ми отримуємо, яку нам пропонують, нав’язують, вкидають у нас, необхідно бути гранично уважними до того, що саме варто сприймати і аналізувати, адже від цього залежить наше життя, його майбутнє, якість, сенс. Цей твір звертає нашу увагу на те, наскільки глобально важливо сьогодні прислухатися до світу, який знаходиться на стадії інформаційної війни, емоційного вибуху, безжального поглинання. Як важливо виокремлювати для себе головне, усвідомлювати справжні цінності.”

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Date of Birth: 1985
Place of residence: Kyiv

Alexei Zolotarev is an artist of clear forms and clear articulation of content.

In 2003 he graduated from the State Art High School named after T.G. Shevchenko, Faculty of Sculpture.

2010 National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture , Faculty of Sculpture.

2013 Residence at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, England.

Creative path

The picture of the world in his works is reduced to a laconic geometric construction, where in syncretism or dynamic juxtaposition united archaic and modern, mental and material, male and female.

Choosing simple fundamental geometric forms, the sculptor draws a fine line between completeness and emptiness, as if visualizing spatial, chronological and semantic connections between different elements of reality, its micro and macrostructure and dialectical essence.

In his works, Alex extends the boundaries of personal space, attracting them to the global, social, painful, and captures the results of influence.

In the sharp and moving open volumes there is a sense of the complex dynamics of the development of the modern world and the cultural situation of its own country in its context.

Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine, winner of the competition from the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center for the installation of urban sculpture, winner of the Kyiv Sculpture Project, winner of Kyiv Mayor Award; founder of the Radius Thinking Residence, Kyiv.

Personal exhibitions:


Transfer during Lviv fashion week, Danylo Halytsky International Airport, Lviv, Ukraine;


“Interference”, FACE Foundation Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;


PROJECT, together with APL315, G13 Space, Kiev, Ukraine;


Maßstäbe, WerkKunstGalerie, Berlin, Germany;

Tralfamador (together with Irina Fedder) at the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany, Berlin, Germany;

Group exhibitions:



Sculpture Project “Reforming Space”, M17, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Illusion of Matter by M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv Art Week, Toronto Center, Kiev, Ukraine;


Carpet Project, Cultural and Art Center Lviv Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine;

BIRUCHIY Comes CLOSER Project, Closer Space, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Sculpture Project “Point of View. From West to East ”, Sofia National Reserve, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Letter of Mayor project jointly with IZOLYATSIA, Mariupol, Ukraine;

The Circle, Circle Project, Sudost Europa Kulture.V, Berlin;

The Shaky Borders Project, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, Germany;


Anticipation: Ukrainian Art Today, Saatchi Gallery, London, England;

All-Ukrainian Triune of Sculpture, (NSHU), Kiev, Ukraine;


PRO Sculpture Sculpture, Ermilov Center, Kharkiv;


Great Sculpture Salon, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Kyiv Sculpture Project International Contemporary Sculpture Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine;


All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture, (NSHU), Kiev, Ukraine.


Andriy Adamovsky’s Private Collection;

EXPO, Astana, Kazakhstan;

Poznyaki Kyiv Park, Ukraine;

Cosmopolitan Shopping Center, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Chervonochorno Sculpture Garden, Kanev, Ukraine;

Lychakiv Cemetery Museum, Lviv, Ukraine;

Private collection of Igor Abramovich.

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