Gronskiy Petro

Morning 200х100х7 cm, concrete, bronze, 2017
Date of Birth: 1989
Place of residence: Kyiv

Kiev sculptor


Studied at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. In 2012 he graduated with a master’s degree in sculpture.

Member of the youth association of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Creative path

Peter Gronsky works with easel, landscape sculpture. His creative pursuits show the significant influence of Alexander Arkhipenko, whose monument in the artist’s portfolio. Through the transformation of a classical form, the sculptor often resorts to metaphysical reflections, highlighting the authenticity rather than the idealization of the depicted, Gronsky’s works are deeply influenced by the combination of realism and expressiveness.

Group exhibitions:

Illusion of Matter at M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv Art Week, Toronto Center, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019;

«FRONTIER. New Monuments ”, CAC M17, Kyiv, 2019;

Young Ukrainian Artists’ Festival, Kyiv, 2017;

“Sculpture Workshop: Chimeras at Hope”, GOGOLFEST, Kyiv, 2016;

International Sculpture Symposium, Moscow, 2013;

Ukrainian Sculpture Triennial, Kyiv, 2011;

Ukranian Art Week, Kyiv, 2009.

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