Volosenko Vladyslav

Mourning 125х60х40 cm, polished black granite, 2016
Date of Birth: 1964
Place of residence: Kyiv

Ukrainian and Canadian sculptor and artist.


He studied at Kyiv Republican School of Art named after T.G. Shevchenko (1976-1983), where he realized that he wanted to engage in sculpture.

He later studied at Kiev State Institute of Art (1984-1991) (now National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture), graduating in 1991.

Creative path

In 1991 moved to Canada. That’s where the sculptor’s new creative journey began. The first major work “Men’s and Women’s Stones” was made for Art Basel in Miami. Worked in Canada for 16 years (1992-2008).

Sculptures are installed in cities: Four Seasons Hotel (Dubai, UAE), Moscow, Toronto, Kiev and many other cities in different countries. Also, several marble works are presented in San Francisco at St. Regis Hotel. A limestone sculpture is located in Trump Tower (Florida, USA). Some of the sculptor’s works are presented in private collections.

In 2008, Volosenko returned to Ukraine and became a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists.

Personal exhibitions:
«Granite. Marble. Tree “,” Ducat “, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Group exhibitions:
Arkhipenko International Sculpture Symposium, Adamovskiy Foundation, VDNH, Kyiv, Ukraine;

“More Than Sculpture”, ART UKRAINE GALLERY, Kiev, Ukraine;


“View. From West to East, Sofia Sophia, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Sculpture Workshop: Chimeras at Hope, GogolFest, Kyiv, Ukraine;


Prince’s Mountain Art Residence, II Symposium on Granite Sculpture, Kaniv, Ukraine;


«De Profundis (From Depths …),«Mystetskiy Arsenal», Kiev, Ukraine;

International Symposium on Wood Sculpture, Sumy, Ukraine.

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