Protosenia Vitaliy

(Українська) Матерія часу (Українська) 200х150х110 см, мармур
Date of Birth: 1988
Place of residence: Kyiv

Born in Donetsk, studied at the Donetsk Art College, graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture with a specialization in easel and monumental sculpture. He now lives and works in Kyiv. Selected projects: GOGOLFEST Interdisciplinary Festival (2014, 2016), CANactions Sculpture Competition (Kyiv, 2014), Symposium on Stone (Mykolaiv-Dnestrovsky, 2015), CORPUSCULUM Non-Figurative Sculpture Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art Problems (Kyiv, 2014) , 2015), etc.

In his work, he uses the principles of oriental art, its aesthetic categories, such as the concept of emptiness, which can at the same time reveal the absolute fullness. The free spaces in the sculptor’s compositions are no less significant than the details themselves: they do not mean pauses, the absence of anything, but they play an essential role in perception. Protoseni’s creativity is contemplative and meditative. The artist believes that his work – a mirror in which a person looks and contemplates his reflection. Spatial plastic or installation should work as well, looking at an object of art one can see and feel himself in space and time.

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