Kapustyak Oleg

World map 120 cm, wood, 2019
Date of Birth: 1962
Place of residence: Lviv

Ukrainian sculptor, restorer, participant in many art exhibitions. Works in the field of small plastic and easel sculpture. The main materials are bronze, steel, stone. Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine


In 1985 he graduated from the Lviv Institute of Fine and Decorative Arts, majoring in ceramics.

Creative path

As a restorer he participated in the restoration of monuments at the legendary Lviv Lychakiv Cemetery, restoring the sculptures of Pinsel at St. George’s Cathedral.

Oleg Kapustyak does not complicate the form, preferring natural lines, plasticity as the basis of sculpture. One of favorite techniques of the master is the combination of textures, the focus on the fragment, not integrity. At the same time impulsive and in-depth, Kapustyak’s works are torn from the real, though they take their inspiration from him.

The sculptor is the winner of the Autumn Salon Prize (Lviv, 1998) and the winner of the second prize of the All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture (Kyiv, 2005).

Personal exhibitions:

Sculpture Exhibition at the National Museum of Andrey Sheptytskiy, Lviv, 2016;

Group exhibitions:

Frontier VR Art Festival, M17, Kyiv, 2019

Anna Fest Sculpture Salon, Kyiv, 2016;

All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture, Kyiv, 2014, 2011, 2005;

The Great Sculpture Salon at Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv, 2010, 2012, 2015.

De Novo, International Symposium on Art, Lviv, 2000.


Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;

Olesko Castle Park Museum, Olesko, Ukraine;

Museum of Ukrainian Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Sculpture Park, Gurzuf, Ukraine;

T.G. Shevchenko Museum, Knyazha Gora Gallery, Kaniv, Ukraine;

Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Kapustyak’s works are presented in the spaces of Lviv, Minsk, Gurzuf, Olesko.

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