Kodarch and Malawi

Walking in the beauty 71x51x42 cm, bronze patinado, 2019
Date of Birth: 1959 / 1993
Place of residence: Valencia

Joan Coderch was born in Castellar del Valle, Barcelona (1959). Javier Malawi was born in Onyat, Guipuzcoa (1970).

The joint creation of a work of art is complex, there must be an inclination that allows two individuals to fit together artistically. A single voice without selfishness, two sensitivities leading the dialogue; four hands, Joan and Javier, capable of developing works that move between lapel and reality. A project that brings these two artists together is as rare and as honest and genuine as their work.


Joan Coderch graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1984.

Javier Malawi graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty in San Carlos (Valencia) in 1993.

Creative development

The individual career of sculptors led them to meet in the workshops of a large company dedicated to the production of art. There, they showed affinities and coincidences both in the artistic and personal fields. Finally, in 2015, they decided to embark on this project that would bring them closer to various reference masters in the world of figurations, such as Maillol, Rodin, Marini and Bourdelle.

Thus, the center of his aesthetic discourse is man, his material bronze and the pursuit of perfection. From models of life, sculptural works are shown not only as a figurative result, but as a study of different attitudes of a person to life. The viewer of the works of Koderh and Malawi will be lucky to enjoy the meeting between these two concepts, figure and worldview, always making the artistic experience something as unique and special as it is special.

Despite its short history, Coderch & Malavia has participated in several group and individual exhibitions, receiving various selections and recognitions in both national and international competitions. His works are included in museums and private collections in different countries on five continents.

Solo exhibitions:


WM Art Gallery, Amberes, Belgica;

Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam Holanda;


Galeria Capa, Madrid;

Vincci Seleccion Estrella del Mar, Malaga;


La Taifa de Jorba, Alicante;

Casino de Agricultura, Valencia;

Sala de Exposiciones “L’Olleta”, Altea;

Group exhibitions:


Benjamin Eck Galerie, Munich;

Cafmeyer Gallery, Knokke-Heist;

KunstRAI Art Amsterdam;

Fine Art Fair, Eurantica Brussels;

Liquid art system;


PAN Amsterdam, Galeria Mokum, Amsterdam;

Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse;

Galeria Espacio Primavera 9, Madrid;

Vlask Gallery, Ghent;

Galerie Bayart, Le Tourquet;

Minima Art Gallery, Mykonos;

“Escultura”, Centro Cultural San Clemente, Toledo;

Art 9 gallery, Moraira, Alicante;


Galerie Bayart, Paris;

KunstRAI 2017, Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam;

Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse;

Galerie Sylvie Nissen, Cannes;

FOR REAL Actuel Figuratie, Galeria Mokum Amsterdam;


PAN Amsterdam, Galeria Mokum, Amsterdam;

Spectrum Miami, Hom Gallery;

Galeria Capa, Madrid;

Corps et Ame Gallery, Nimes;

Art 9 Gallery, Moraira;

RRM Art Gallery, IbizaGaleria Conde de Rodezno, Pamplona;

“TOREART”, Mont de Marsan;

Mas de Les Gralles “Gralles Experience”, Tarragona;

Galeria Mar, Barcelona;

Galeria Terraferma, Lleida;

Galeria Pedro Gerson “Convergencia. Cada mundo su Arte” CDMX Mexico;

Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse;

Art Wanson Gallery, Malaga;


Art 9 Gallery, Moraira;

Galeria Artex, Badajoz;

Galeria Ceferino Navarro, Granada.;

Their works form part of museums and private collections in different countries on five continents.

Joan and Javier are currently living and working in Valencia.

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