Grublyak Vasily

Egregore 600х300 cm, wood, glass, metal, 2020

Ukranian artist and designer. Creates lamps, light sculptures and installations, designs and executes lighting designs.

Creative path

In 2013, together with Alexey Zolotarev, he founded a creative group GAZ.

With a background in the arts, he creates luminaries covering the fields of art and design. Each lamp has its own story and personality, developing the whole philosophy behind the object. But minimalism and function are always the dominant features of his works.

Also in his sculptures is the concept of movement and transformation, which allows him to integrate them into space and establish a dialogue with users.

2020 M17 Sculpture Prize nominee.

Group exhibitions:

«FRONTIER. New Monuments ”, CAC M17, Kyiv, Ukraine;

NEORA, VR FRONTIER Art Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine;


«PULSAR» for Kyiv Lights Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

“Eyes of the Brave”, Brave Factory Free Music and Arts Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine;

He lives and works in Kyiv.

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