Grek Dmitriy

Time 300 cm, bronze, 2018
Date of Birth: 1978
Place of residence: Mariupol

Dmitriy Snigir was born in Mariupol, Ukraine.

In 1993 he enrolled at the Myrhorod Art College Department of Art Ceramics. He graduated in 1997 and entered the Kharkiv Art and Industry Institute at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Crafts. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Indoor and Monumental Sculpture in 2001.

The same year Snigir transferred to the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Kyiv), which he graduated in 2004, earning the qualification of Artist – Sculptor in Fine Arts and Crafts.

Since 2006, Dmitriy Snigir participates in exhibitions under the pseudonym Dmitriy Grek.

In 2005, 2006 and 2007 he participated in creative plein air workshops on stone sculpture under the direction of A. Sukholit, which resulted in a series of landscape sculptural projects.

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