Zhanna Kadyrova’s new sculpture Fruits, created with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation, opened in the courtyard of M17 CAC

Yesterday, September 14, a new sculptural piece titled Fruits by the famous Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova debuted in the courtyard of M17 CAC with the support of Adamovskiy Foundation

During the opening ceremony, the author spoke to the audience about the substance of her work, saying, “The history of Fruits began more than ten years ago, in 2010, when I created the work in the shape of a big apple specifically for the city of Perm. On the M17 courtyard, however, it was bitten rather than sliced like Fruits. It was a visual metaphor for the urban environment — a critique of the city’s integrity, from which someone is always attempting to bite off a piece. The concept of the city and urban planning are also present in my new sculpture, but in front of you are cleanly cut parts. This is my opinion on Kyiv. I believe that a large city can have integrity while yet keeping a distinct identity if everyone takes responsibility for their part.”

Andriy Adamovskiy, collector and creator of the Adamovskiy Foundation, stated:

“It is a tremendous pleasure for me to be a member of the M17 team among the participants in this project, and I am pleased that we achieved despite such adversity, despite the pandemic and lockdown. I hope that this work will become a significant milestone in Zhanna Kadyrova’s career, as well as provide positive Fruits to the very M17 CAC, earning in its space.”

“With the inauguration of Fruits by Zhanna Kadyrova, we begin a new art season in M17, and in a week, on September 23, 2021, we will offer to our audience the next exhibition curated by Zhanna and Maya Kolesnik Swimming Was Not Allowed in the Plant’s Aquatorium. Fruits are significant for us because we want to dedicate the current season, in particular, to the relationship in the chain man-art-city,” said Natalia Shpytkovska, director of M17 CAC.

Adamovskiy Foundation thanks to Zhanna Kadyrova and everyone who participated in the project, the team of M17 CAC and the evening’s partner Advance Finance Alliance (AFA) Investment Multi-family Office with Yuriy Prus!