The opening of the exposition # 2 within the BIG CIRCLE project at the M17 CAC

The M17 Contemporary Art Center and the KNO|Kyiv Non Objective art association are opening the exposition # 2 withing the Big Circle international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective art.

The exposition # 2 will showcase a wide range of artworks by the participants of projects such as the CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art), Brussels, Belgium, DAC (Dolceacqua Arte Contemporanea), Dolceacqua, Italy, and WEST Projects, Sydney, Australia.

About the projects:

⬤ CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art) Brussels, Belgium, DAC(Dolceacqua Arte Contemporanea), Dolceacqua, Italy


CCNOA was founded in 1998 by Mrs Petra Bungert and German-born artist Tilman. It was one of its first kind in the world, focusing especially on the promotion of contemporary tendencies within the realm of the reductive and/or non-objective genre.

Shortly after its closing in 2010 in Italy Tilman open doors to a new experimental art-space, DAC, for realizing strictly site-specific projects.

“CCNOA/DAC – a shared experience” aims to visually review CCNOA’s history and to DAC’s ongoing activities.

ARTISTS: Jan van der Ploeg (NL), Daniel Goettin (CH), Carrie Yamaoka (USA), Greet Billet (BE), Terry Haggerty (UK/DE), Esther Stocker (IT/AUT), Sebastian Wickeroth (DE), Anna-Maria Bogner (AUT/DE), Kyle Jenkins (AUS), Julian Dashper (NZL), Alan Uglow (UK/USA), Emmanuelle Villard (FR), Michelle Grabner (USA), Colombe Marcasiano (FR), Ingrid Maria Sinibaldi (FR/CAN), TILMAN (DE/IT/FR), Beat Zoderer (CH), Russell Maltz (USA), Cora von Zezschwitz (CA), Gerold Miller (DE)

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⬤ WEST Projects, Сідней, Австралія

CURATOR: Billy Gruner

WEST Projects is an International artists and curators consortium. It is a not-for-profit specialized program for non-objective & reductive art makers. It has been established by Billy Gruner and Sarah Keighery to coordinate and curate programs in a broad range of cultural activities including a multiplicity of contemporary artistic practices, writings on art and culture and the archiving of local histories locally and internationally.

In Kyiv, WEST Projects presents an overview of the past series of exhibitions, the Reductive Non Objective Project (RNOP).

ARTISTS: Cvetka Hojnik (CZ), Kyle Jenkins (AU), Billy Gruner (AU), Sarah Keighery (AU), Clare French (GB), Alan Hathaway (UK), Aimée Terburg (NL), Joe Wilson (AU), Chanelle Collier (AU), Lars Breuer (DE), Aaron Martin (AU), Tarn McLean (AU), Louise P. Sloane (USA)

Find out more: Fb @westproject, @Reductivenon

Come to the opening! July 16, 7 pm. International non-objective art and good Australian wine in the programme.

Admission is free

The Big Circle project was prepared by the KNO | Kyiv Non Objective art association

Supported by the Adamovskiy Foundation 

M17 Contemporary Art Center
102-104, Antonovysha St., Kyiv