The Centre Pompidou in Paris accepted a large collection of Ukrainian contemporary art as a gift

Ukrainian art in France!

The Georges Pompidou National Center for Arts and Culture (Paris, France) has received a large collection of contemporary Ukrainian art.

This became possible as a result of a long, 2-year-long process of negotiations between the Ukrainian Club of Contemporary Art Collectors and the Pompidou Center. And next year the collection will be demonstrated at a separate large-scale exhibition!

The Adamovskiy Foundation was not left out of the event either. With the help of Andriy Adamovskiy, a member of the Collectors’ Club, and his foundation, the Pompidou Center’s permanent collection now also includes a video work Atomic Love (2003) by Ukrainian artist Ilya Chichkan and a production designer Petro Vyzhikovsky.

Atomic Love is a film performance that took place in 2002 near Chernobyl nuclear power plant. A couple in love in radiation suits carelessly wandering around the district, enjoying each other’s company and making love here and there. People imitate the usual course of life against the background of material evidence of a catastrophe, the consequences of which are still tangible. This is a story about Ukrainian society as a part of the post-Soviet space, where the past sometimes continues to survive in the zone of “blind spot” of perception and inspires negative processes.

We believe that the work will provide additional important perspectives for looking at modern Ukraine and our culture from abroad.