Representatives of the Hauser & Wirth on the Frontier. New Monument exhibition

Being the first VR-festival in the country the “Frontier – VR Art Festival” project, supported by Adamovskiy Foundation, has become not only a high point in the cultural life of Ukraine but also has drawn the attention of the foreign galleristіs. Expositions of the “Frontier. New Monuments” exhibition at the M17 Contemporary Art Center was visited by representatives of the Hauser & Wirth gallery, including Stefano Rabolli Pansera, the director of the London outpost.

Hauser & Wirth is a gallery network comprising exhibition spaces in 9 cities of 5 countries, which specializes in presenting contemporary and modern art.

We are happy to contribute to projects that promote international interest in Ukrainian contemporary art.

The “Frontier. New Monuments” exhibition at the M17 CAC about the mix of art and VR technologies is ongoing. You can visit it until November 17