FRONTIER. VR Art – festival and exhibition at CAC М17

The first art and virtual reality festival in Ukraine «FRONTIER VR Art Festival. Kyiv» was held at M17 Contemporary Art Center in Kiev.

Supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Adamovskiy Foundation, the event was set to become an annual event, involving various cities in the country.

The name FRONTIER (English – front) was chosen to express the main purpose of the festival – using the artistic potential of VR technologies to bring them closer to society and to take the problem of existence in the common space to a new level. So, the organizers are drawing attention for the border between art and virtual reality, art and viewer, art and city.

The three-day festival in Kiev was the start of a major project that will continue at M17 CAC with «FRONTIER. New Monuments» which calls once again to reflect on the relevance of past monuments and the ability of modern monuments to become new unifying «sites of memory». In addition, the exhibition continues the research direction of M17 Sculpture Project, which aims to promote the development of three-dimensional art in Ukraine, in any reality.
Adamovskiy Foundation is pleased to assist in the implementation of such projects and encourages them to tear down barriers.

Organizers of the project: ART Optimists, Academy of Visual Arts Kharkiv, Congress of Cultural Activists
Co-organizers: M17 Contemporary Art Center, ArtCult Foundation

Technical partners: Immersense, Carbon
Curator – Catherine Rai