AVANT-GARDE. In search of the fourth dimension.

Oleksandra Exter, Vasily Kandinsky, Oleksandr Arkhipenko, Vasily Yermilov – you must have heard these names, you have an idea of ​​the works of these artists, but why are they considered significant? And what role did Ukraine play in shaping a new artistic outlook and practice in the early 20th century? This is the focus of the exhibition “Avant-garde. In search of the fourth dimension” at M17 Contemporary Art Center.

With this project, M17 opens a new page of its history after a pause of several years. Museums, including National Art Museum of Ukraine and National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery”, “Mystetskiy Arsenal”, Dovzhenko Center, Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine, Judaism Center and private collectors from Ukraine and abroad, have joined the exhibition.

The curators of the project are: the head of the scientific departments of the exhibition and exhibition work of the National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery” Olena Borymska and the head of the scientific department of the contemporary art of the NMMU Oksana Barshinova. The director of M17 Natalia Shpytkovska took part as a head of the project.