Andriy Adamovskiy was awarded with a state honour

On September the 20th, the founder of Adamovskiy Foundation Andriy Adamovskiy became the owner of the state honour for his significant achievements in the field of culture and art, which he received from the hands of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine State Secretary Rostyslav Karandieiev.

“The economic growth and development of all state systems are somehow linked to education and culture. The more cultured people are, the more creative the economy is, and society becomes more creative as well. The better and richer a living country is. Therefore, in the cultural education of the public, I see the main mission of my life”.
Andriy Adamovskiy

Andriy Adamovskiy is actively involved in the cultural processes of Ukraine. Among other things, he is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of M17 and a member of the Friends Club at the Center, a member of the Ukrainian Contemporary Art Collectors Club, a member of the Marazli Club, organized to support the activities and development of the Odesa Fine Art Museum.