Contemporary Art Center M17

M17 – Contemporary Art Center, founded in 2010 aiming at the development and transformation of Ukrainian society through artistic processes.
The main focus of the art center is the popularization of art. M17 enriches, provokes, inspires and attracts with art, organizing public exhibitions and educational programs.

CAC M17 is the largest single non-state exhibition space in the capital of Ukraine. Every year the art center is visited by more than 100 thousand guests.

M17 is a non-governmental cultural institution. We exist due to implemented projects and the support of our partners – national and international cultural organizations, responsible business and philanthropists.

M17 is located in the area where Kazimir Malevich, the founder of Suprematism, grew up. Back in days, Fyodor Krichevsky, Reinhold Gliere, Lesia Ukrainka, the family of Alexander Dovzhenko and other artists lived nearby. We strive to spotlight this area on the artistic map of the city, with the support of modern artists, architects and cultural institutions.


The Contemporary Art Center M17 is a non-profit creative center that unites the Ukrainian art community and sets the following goals:

  • Popularize Ukrainian modern art.
  • To build a cultural center to support and develop art projects and art sphere professionals.
  • Reveal to the audience the palette and ways of perception of modern art.
  • Retrieve the historical value of the artistic district of Kyiv and create an art hub in the vicinity of the street of Kazimir Malevich.
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Andriy Adamovskiy

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Contemporary Art Center M17

The Contemporary Art Center M17 has been incorporated due to a collector and art patron Andriy Adamovskiy, the founder of the Adamovskiy Foundation. Recently, Mr. Adamovskiy became the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CAC M17, and due to him the renovation of the premises of the Art Center has been performed.

Natalia Shpitkovskaya

Director of the Contemporary Art Center M17

Curator, art consultant, founder of the Artcult Foundation, research associate at the Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

M17 Intentions

M17 - Art and History

M17 is an educational platform for the study of the influence of art on the history and development of architecture, cinematography, literature and music. Together with Ukrainian and international experts, we strive to enlighten and inspire Ukrainian society.

M17 - City and Culture

The art center is located in the historic district where the founder of Suprematism – Kazimir Malevich – grew up.
Together with the artists, architects and cultural centers, we strive to turn the area into the memory of world art.

M17 - A Place for Dialogue and Opportunities

M17 seeks to unite the professional circles in the field of audiovisual, performative art and literature. The Contemporary Art Center M17 supports artistic experiments, collaborations and international exchanges for the artists of the different branches.

Art Center Mission

The Contemporary Art Center M17 rebelled in the summer of 2010 to support and develop modern art in Ukraine. For over 8 years of existence the art center has hosted hundreds of artistic events, several dozens of exhibitions with the world-famous authors, curatorial projects, educational programs, film shows, lectures and creative workshops.

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