Nemukhin Volodymyr

Homage to El Lissitzky 6,5x6,5x3,5 cm, bronze
Date of Birth: 1925
Place of residence: Moscow

Volodimir Nemukhin was born on the 12th leaf fall of 1925 roku i viris in the village. From 1943-1946 he studied at the Moscow Studio of Painting of the All-Russian Central Council of Trade Marks with Peter Sokolov. At p’yatty rock, having yak zhittya on yak yak decorator, decorator and poster. In 1957, he joined the Moscow Sovereign Art Institute of Moscow. B. І. Surikova (not without reason Buv exceptions for adversity with the principles of socialist realism).

C thousand and nine hundred and sixty-five taking part in foreign exhibitions (USA, Poland, Italy, France). A member of the “Lianozovsky group”, which was formed in the mid-1960s alongside гvgen Kropyvnytsky. Having taken an active part in private-apartment and public whistles of the avant-garde mystery, including – in the “bulldozer wistavtsi” (1974). Honorary member of the Academy of Mysteries of the Russian Federation (2008).

At the 1990s, Rokah live alive in Nimechchinі (m Ratingen, Pivnichny Rhine-Westphalia). Since 2005, he has lived in Moscow permanently. The artist died on April 18, 2016 rock in Moscow on the 91st street of life. 21 quarters in the Church of the Prophet II in the 2nd Obidinsky Prov. Volodymyra Nemukhina passed through. Frauds at the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

Having rozvinuv his вар informal variant, having scanned the picture is not the picture, the subject is the subject. Sounds are heavy Nemukhina before the counter-єphy, and before that, in the 1980s, before the trivial compositions. An overwhelming motive for non-Muhansk painting is the Kartkov deck (gr metaphor).

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