Zhurakovsky Victor

Scenery 49x75 cm, canvas, oil, 1958
Date of Birth: 1928
Place of residence: Odesa

Zhurakovsky Victor  (1928-2001) – Ukrainian artist, painter. Member of the USSR. He worked in the field of easel painting, a master of landscape.

He graduated from the Odessa Art School (1952-1955). Teachers of the specialty – O. Muchnyk, D. Frumina, M. Todorov, M. Mutselmacher.

Zhurakovsky is a classic of the post-war Odessa school. The early period of his work is experiments, mostly about 60-70 years. These are his attempts in a strict style, and picturesque dialogues with contemporaries, first of all, with Alexander Atsmanchuk and Vladimir Vlasov.

“The works of the Zhurakovsky period of the 1990s were very popular. Most of the works were sold and exported. The earlier period is less known to the general public. These works are difficult to find, they are a wonderful collection and we are happy to share our special attitude to the early Zhurakovsky.” (Sergey Kostin, collector)

His works are in the Odessa Art Museum, the State Museum of the Ukrainian Navy in Odessa, in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Victor Zhurakovsky died on September 19, 2001 in Odessa.

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