Murashko Nikolay

Summer Landscape 72х53 сm, oil on canvas
About work

Painting of N. Murashko “Summer Landscape” was made in the light, semi-transparent colors. Landscape is painted in general in a golden smoky tone. Easily and rapidly applied in strokes convey the texture of the tree foliage and greenish grass. The picture painted in the artist’s typical style of light, almost transparent strokes of paint, through which the transmission prime canvas. Painting the water surface of the river was built at the inclusion of blue and gray tones that reflect the summer sky. The land of the second plan goes to the horizon, given the light bright ocher paint. Masterfully executed landscape creates a great interest to explore the creative legacy of the artist Nikolay Murashko, and is one of the best works of the master.

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Murashko Nikolay Ivanovich
(1844, Glukhov, currently Sumy region – 1909, Kyiv)

Murashko Nikolay Ivanovich – Ukrainian painter-was born on May 20, in 1844 in Glukhov in the family of the masters of iconostasis I. Z. Murashko. He was educated at the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1863-68. Since 1868, he lived and worked in Kyiv.

His first drawings of several lithographic albums appear in the 60-70 years of XIX century. They are intended for students in drawing school, which is N. Murashko founded in 1875, known portraits of Taras Shevchenko (1864-67), Peter Mogila and a self-portrait. With interesting lithographs artist has illustrated fairy tales of G. K. Andersen, which were published in Kyiv in 1878.

The artist was known as a landscape painter. Among his numerous works is the famous landscape “Over the Dnepr” (1880-90), which is exhibiting at the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Emotional, filled with extraordinary lyricism and his landscapes: “The motive of the outskirts of Kyiv” (1879), “Autumn”, “Crimea” (1892) and other works.

Since 1875 to 1901 N. Murashko headed the Kyiv school of drawing. It received the first letters of visual basics such prominent Ukrainian artists as N. Pimonenko, S. Kostenko, G. Svetlitsky, A. Murashko, P. Chirkov, K. Krizhitsky and etc. In a drawing school taught talented Ukrainian and Russian educators, artists, which rallied a talented teacher. He passionately promoted the art of itinerants, defended the principles of ideological art, and encouraged his students to follow these sacred principles.

He was inspired by success in the drawing school, and has been traveling to St. Petersburg for book, which communicates with the artists- itinerants. Thus, N. Murashko, met many famous artists, got their pictures and etudes I. Shishkin, V. PoIenov, K. Bryulov, M. Klodt, A. Litovchenko, K. Makovsky, V. Orlovsky. In the future, the collection has gradually expanded through the work of I. Repin, G. Myasoedov, B. Makovsky, K. Savitsky, V. Serov and others, which is reference to his students.

Thirty-two years of the artist’s life was spent in the school. He remained interested in the affairs of the art world, published in the newspapers. In recent years, N. Murashko worked on memories that have been printed at the expense of family Tereshchenko in 1907. This rare in art circles book ran three editions. The work of Nikolay Murashko in Ukraine is not forgotten. Thus, his great teaching experience, and still used by many teachers in many studios, colleges and higher education establishments.

N. I. Murashko was died on the September 22,1909. He died in 65 years old at the cottage, which was in town Bucha and buried at the Lukyanovskoe cemetery.

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