The Adamovskiy Foundation is founded in 2018 by businessman Andrii Adamovskiy. The Foundation’s activities are non-commercial and aimed at preserving and studying the cultural heritage of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote culture and the arts, which is essential for sustainable development of civilized society.

The Adamovskiy Foundation is actively involved in organizing and supporting exhibition projects, publishing initiatives, educational and discussion platforms, international forums and expert sessions.

The Foundation is actively involved in the processes of preserving and enhancing the heritage of Ukrainian artists, working hard to make their influence and contribute to the world’s treasury more recognizable.

The subject of the Foundation’s attention is late 19th-century art (The Wanderers / The Itinerants), 19th-20th-century borders arts (Silver Age), artists of the Paris School, avant-garde practices of the 20th century (Suprematism, Constructivism, Futurism, etc.), contemporary sculpture, contemporary Ukrainian art.

The Adamovskiy Foundation is a regular partner of the M17 Contemporary Art Center, based on which an experimental platform has been created to interact with museum and art institutions, invited curators.

The Foundation supports the development of the M17 Sculpture Project by encouraging the creation of three-dimensional works and working to increase their presence in public spaces.

In 2019, the professional M17 Sculpture Prize award for sculptors has been launched to increase the popularity of sculptural media in Ukraine.

Adamovskiy Foundation is working on organizing a large-scale sculpture park in Kyiv.

The Foundation aims at synergies with museum institutions of Ukraine, giving impetus to joint projects and providing patronage assistance.

With the support of the Adamovskiy Foundation, a number of important projects have been implemented: the “Searching for The Fourth Dimension” avant-garde exhibition and “The New Generation: The Artist and His Generation” International Forum for the 140th Anniversary of Kazimir Malevich (M17 CAC), the “Reforming the Space” project and the Sculpture Forum (M17 CAC), a sculpture laboratory within the Kyiv Art Week, the “Big Circle” international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective art (M17 CAC), and more.

The Foundation’s collection is constantly being supplemented. There is an active exhibition activity aimed at its promotion. Among the projects implemented: an exhibition of the Andrii Adamovskiy’s collection at the National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery”, an exhibition of works from the collection of Jacob Peremen at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

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Andriy Adamovskiy

Art collector, patron of the art, entrepreneur, founder of the Adamovskiy Foundation

Andriy Adamovskiy is one of the prolific art collectors in Ukraine. The collection of A. Adamovskiy consists of works by Russian and Ukrainian artists of the XIX – XX centuries. He is a frequent guest at Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions.

So, in 2010, at the Sotheby’s auction in New York, Andriy Adamovskiy acquired a collection of works by Ukrainian avant-garde artists (“independent”) from the art collector Yakov Peremen (beginning of the 20th century). Thus, the collection of paintings by representatives of modernism, which has been exported, and since 1919 was considered lost, returned to Ukraine.

Among his favorite paintings in the collection, A. Adamovsky names paintings by Natalia Goncharova, Mark Chagall, Ilya Repin, Nikolas Roerich, Aivazovsky, Kandinsky. However, as a true collector, he truly appreciates every work acquired. Part of the extensive collection of Andrei Adamovsky was exhibited in 2009 in the Kiev National Museum of Russian Art.

Objectives of the Foundation


The Adamovskiy Foundation collection encompasses the art of the late 19th century (The Wanderers / The Itinerants), the borders of the 19th-20th centuries (Silver Age), artists of the Paris School, avant-garde movements of the twentieth century (Suprematism, Constructivism, Futurism and others), contemporary sculpture and contemporary Ukrainian art.
Among the names in the collection: Pablo Picasso, Alexandra Exter, Alexander Archipenko, Gerhard Richter, Jaume Plensa and others.

Sculpture Park

The Adamovskiy Foundation owns a large collection of Ukrainian contemporary sculpture and is working on organizing a large-scale sculpture park that will promote this art. Sculpture Park is in line with the Foundation’s aspirations to improve urban space.

Cultural Projects

Adamovskiy Foundation supports educational projects.

Among such were held:

  • “The New Generation: The Artist and His Generation” International Forum at the M17 CAC (with the participation of international experts)
  • Sculptural Forum within the “Reforming the Space” project at the M17 CAC (with the participation of international experts)
  • lectures by sculptor Jaume Plensa (Spain), curator Marianne Wagner (Germany), artists Tiberiy Szilvashi (Ukraine), Tilman Hoepfl (Italy) etc.
Scientific Research Supporting

In 2019, the Adamovskiy Foundation initiated the M17 Sculpture Project. The strategic priorities of the direction include national and international art projects, expert studies, workshops, professional artistic awards, discussion platforms, and the introduction of innovations in the sector of the of three-dimensional art. The project aims to offer the society, business and cities of Ukraine the solution of how, through sculpture (and other three-dimensional arts), to improve the environment, to make cities more conducive to a better quality of life and to establish a social dialogue.

Art Exhibitions and Publishing

Recent exhibition projects:

  • “Avant-garde: Searching for the Fourth Dimension” exhibition at the M17 CAC
  • “Reforming the Space” project at the M17 CAC
  • “Illusion of Matter” sculpture laboratory within Kyiv Art Week
  • “Big Circle” international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective art at the M17 CAC

Sponsored editions published this year:

  • Avant-garde: Searching for The Fourth Dimension. Art exhibition catalogue. – K.: HUSS, 2019. – 192 p.
  • Kazimir Malevich. The Kyiv Aspect. Collection of articles / Ed. T. Filevska. – K.: Malevich Institute, RODOVID, 2019. – 232 p.
International Сultural Exchanges Promoting

Thanks to the Adamovskiy Foundation, representatives of the Alexander Archipenko Foundation (USA), The Malevich Society (USA), the Khardzhiev-Chaga Cultural Centre Foundation (Netherlands), The Fondazione Merz (Italy), the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (UK), the “Sculpture in the City” project (UK), Skulptur Projekte Münster (Germany) and others visited Ukraine to share their experiences.

Foundation Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to promote and develop culture and arts, which is essential for sustainable, civilized development of Ukrainian society.

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